MuzikQlass Arts   a nd   Entertainment

Muzik at its Qlassiest...


Yes. It is a unique name, the spelling is an attempt to let people know of its uniqueness in sounds and variety of its services in two words.

Established in 2008. MuzikQlass has undergone numerous changes and different stages of growth. From Band to an Ensemble. What remained all throughout? Talent,  Sensibility and the Ability and Willingness to adapt.It is evident in their extensive repertoire, original arrangements and performances. Do you need a Chorale, String Ensemble, Band and Orchestra for your event? It is all availlable.

Old Songs, New Tunes, Beautiful Music

"We look for new songs and look for old songs, as well. Clients are not limited to one genre or one era, we adjust to what they want. We keep ourselves updated by continously researching, aiming to meet every request, and making every type of music our own"

Whether you are looking for a solemn accompaniment during your wedding ceremony, a romantic song for the dance floor, or a timeless serenade for the old and the young and even if its just some music to play as guests wait. Here it exists.

One of a Kind

With couples getting more creative and events becoming opportunities for dreams to take place. MuzikQlass is passionate ally you can count on.

"We noticed the steady change in wedding songs requested by couples, although standard and classic songs are still there,  we are competent,  you just cannot be caged in one genre" 

- Courtesy of the Wedding Digest Magazine